Loud Shirt Day 2014 is BACK!

Thanks to generous Kiwis, last year Loud Shirt Day raised over $176,000 to help deaf and hearing impaired Kiwi kids to listen and speak – and in 2014 we’re doing it all again!

Loud Shirt Day will be held on Friday 19th September 2014, and this year the theme is florals and flares…groovy! So register today, go and find your florals and flares themed loud shirt, and get your workplace or school on board to help raise money for deaf kids in New Zealand.

Loud Shirt Day is the annual appeal of The Hearing House and the Southern Cochlear Implant Paediatric Programme. So what are you waiting for? Register for Loud Shirt Day 2014 now, knowing the money that you donate has a life-changing impact on deaf children.

Meet Peyton and Henry who both suffer from profound hearing loss and each have a cochlear implant which helps them to hear and is enabling them to learn to listen and speak just like you and me.